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 Evergreen Media Production is a media content producer and distributor. We specialize in breaking news. Our photographers are usually the first onscene and the first to put content out. We are driven to produce unbiased, unslanted, and unsensationalized news coverage 


Our team has over 5 years of experience in covering breaking news coverage in the Seattle area.  

Why Choose Freelance

We have chosen to freelance in part because we have a passion for what we do. For us it is not about getting paid. For us it is about making sure our friends, neighbors, and communities get the most information.

Latest news stories we have covered

one critical in violent crash

female left in critical condition after a violent crash. Reports are street racing led to the driver losing control striking a light pole then a tree


Four killed in DUI rollover

DUI driver loses control, rolls and slams into a freeway support column. Driver is ejected and survives. His passengers all pass away


Two alarm fire displaces families in Federal Way

an unattended pot on the stoves turns into a raging inferno that destroys four units displacing the families


RV fully involved behind warehouse

an oddly parked RV bursts into flames and burns down to the frame behind a warehouse in Kent


DUI driver kills pedestrian

DUI driver hits and kills a female in Kent


Nighclub shootout Lakewood

up to three gunman open fire after a fight in a popular nightclub. Total of 4 people shot, 1 dead


Apartment destroyed in two alarm blaze

Roof collapse and plenty of flames as a raging fire displaces over a dozen families in a large two alarm fire



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